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Take a look in your own email box and ask yourself how much you find useful and how much of it isn't. Spam aside, I'm willing to bet most is an annoyance. We're blitzed everyday by poor campaigns that fail to engage with us, solicit high unsubscribes, and at worst damage the senders own brand and reputation.

I try to redress this by creating emails that customers are happy to receive. By working the channel with good design transfered to code, we can grow engagement steadily and increase open rates and click throughs.

One email to rule them all

A few code tricks and advancements in modern ESP's and CRM's mean one email will display correctly
in all the most popular email clients and devices to deliver a seamless experience for all recipients.

Email has been with us a long time and has survived Spam (mostly), SMS, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.
It's still the best way to reach out to your customers and one of the cheapest.

Email best practices

Optimising for every step of the user experience is key to email marketing success.

The subject line

The subject line and pre-header must work together to persuade you to continue. A delete swipe here and all is lost.

The content

Focus more on personalisation and use shorter, more bite-sized content with stronger narratives and storytelling.

The code

Email code is a law unto itself and much can go wrong so testing in platforms like Litmus is vital before anything can be sent.

Email created for mobile

Whatever your target audience mobile phone display is essential. Several large media providers now code for mobile only.
Device analysis can provide a clear picture of how many iPhone and Android users you have and provide a tailored email for them.

I've been messing with tables for ages and have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Have a look below to see what I've been up to.

A selection of recent email campaigns displayed on multiple platforms.

Brands I've worked on

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I'm Graeme Jenkinson and I've been building emails for various platforms for many years.
Let me help you create better emails that really work.  Please message me through LinkedIn.

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